Samyang Hot Pepper Jjambbong Ramen 117g

Samyang Hot Pepper Jjambbong Ramen 117g


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Samyang Hot Pepper Jjambbong Ramen 117g

A ramen noodle with Jjambbong flavor is made with the highest quality of spicy squid broth and Korean chili pepper that burst deliciousness. As the Samyang brand comes from South Korea, creating a flavor that represented their country was inevitable. While it gives a hint of sweetness from the distinctive jjajang hot pepper sauce, the Samyang spice nearly covers it up entirely!


Pasta: Wheat, palm oil, citric acid, gluten, salt, starch,

Soup: white sugar, Soy sauce, chilli extract, Soy bean, dried seaweed, powder (squid, paprika, pork bone, paprika spice, mussel, Prawn, potato, black pepper), dried spring onions.


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