Nestle Everyday Milk Powder 400g

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Nestle Everyday Milk Powder 400g

Nestle everyday is an instant full cream milk powder which brings out the perfect taste of tea. You can use this product to prepare any kind of milk based foods too. Nestle everyday is a dairy whitener or dried milk powder that mixes in completely with your tea to lift its taste where you get a thicker & tastier cup of tea every time. It has the highest quality, and also use by international people. Know how to carefully dry and balance this milk powder without losing any of its goodness, so that you and your family can enjoy a tastier cup of tea


Milk Solids, Sugar, Maltodextrin & Stabilizer


Everyday is an instant filled milk powder drink that has been specially formulated to meet your family's tastes and preferences. It gives you nutritional benefits, including calcium for strong bones and teeth and protein which helps to build and repair body tissue.