It is with much grief that we inform our valuable customers that the business operations under the Retail Department and Wholesale Department are currently on halt. However, we are preparing to open soon. 

Following the surge of shoppers who visited our retail stores few days before the current lockdown, a few of our staff were exposed to the infection and came out positive during the mass testing of the community on 23.02.2022.

Remarkably, the infection has hit only a few random staff members at few isolated locations thereby sparing the big faculty of the company. These staff members are now residing in Isolation Facilities and Quarantine Centers, far from their home and work place, and are recovering fast under the consistent care and attention of the expert caregivers. Our Management has prioritized their health and wellbeing at the moment and is in constant touch with them.

We would like to take this opportunity to offer our sincere gratitude to His Majesty the King for his unwavering care and guidance to the entire Nation. It is because of His Majesty’s consistent blessings and strong leadership that we are able to navigate successfully through these difficult times. We too would like to thank our Government and the COVID Task Force for their efficient execution of plans and programs. 

We are proud to be an active member of the Covid Frontline Team right from the beginning and, we are happy to have served our community through the successive lockdowns in the country. Our Company’s brave men and women had put their own life at risk, running between infected zones, in order to supply food and essential goods to shop owners and customers for almost two years now. 

Our professional retail members (we call them Sales Associates), however young, BRAVE UP every morning as they open shops to the citizens, exposing themselves to risk every day, to render unfailing support and services to the ones in need. It is also an opportunity to thank them publically for their contribution to their company and for their brave service to our beloved nation.

WE WERE ALWAYS AT RISK but, our responsibility to ascertain consistent supply of food and essentials to our fellow citizens always weighed greater than anything else and we will continue to do the same for many years to come.


As a home-grown public company we have enjoyed considerable amount of love and affection from our country men, women and children. We are ever grateful for the consistent support and trust that we receive from our fellow citizens on a regular basis and we look forward to coming back strong soon, to serve you all.


Lots of prayers for everyone’s safety, 



Sherza Ventures Limited